Great Action, Great Acting

The first ten minutes or so of Get Smart are pretty unsatisfactory, and I figured “here we go, another trailer that makes the dvd look better than it is”. However it improves greatly after that point, primarily after the initial encounter of Max with Agent 99.

Anne Hathaway is in some ways the life of this movie: she is incredibly pretty and totally credible in all her action shots.

Although Steve Carell may be a spot reminiscent of Leslie Neilson (The Naked Gun) once in a while, he was able to make a genuine spin on his character making him likable and credible.

The relationship Max and 99 have shaped at the conclusion of the movie appears to be set to a greater extent on a friendly relationship than anything else. I would state the cast was well chosen, especially Dalip Singh (WWF wrestler) who portrays a massive ol’ henchman, most likely resembling Jaws from the 007 series.

There are a number of honest gags in Get Smart, but what cheerily surprised me is how great the action is. From an refreshing freefall episode that was in all probability fashioned as a homage to the opening of Moonraker to Carell’s and Hathaway’s high-speed, effective fight scenes (choreographed by a seasoned person at this type of thing, James Lew), and from the blowups at the bakery factory to the incredibly kinetic final chase sequence involving assorted means of transit, the action in this movie probably outperforms the last James Bond dvd videos, assisted by the fact that a lot of it seems to have been done by the actors themselves, willing to take great risks. So individuals who are more into action than into comedy should still get some gratification out of this.

You really have a simple Bond fashion plot. You have the good guys who are after the evil guys for doing bad affairs…such as killing the President.

At first Max is not allowed to work as a field agent, though he passed his test to become one. But once the bad guys discover the identities of other field agents and begin killing them, Max, along with 99 and 23 (The Rock) are encouraged to go and kick some butt.

In honesty I didn’t guess the film would be as serious as it was. Carell has tremendous comedic timing, but adding some very cool Bond Q-gadgets and a cluster of action, it really does feel like a superb action picture. Also, the interpersonal chemistry with Hathaway and Carell was a complete match.

I enjoyed this movie due to many of the previous points, from the tremendous characters to the very fine looking eye candy that is Hathaway. Get Smart works merely because it does its own thing unlike many of the comedies released in the last couple of years such as tragedy movie, date dvd movies, Meet the Spartans and many more unfunny films.