I’m Still Not Too Crazy About The Hulk Persona

My kids just recently purchased a copy of The Incredible Hulk and I have to articulate it’s as good than I anticipated it to would be. We watch scientist Bruce Banner living in darkness, scrubbing the world for an antidote. But the warmongers who think of abusing his abilities will not leave him alone, nor will his need to make up with the only woman he has ever treasured, Betty Ross.

The Incredible Hulk stars the always solid Edward Norton. It also stars the pretty Liv Tyler and every bit as strong Tim Roth and directed by the super Louis Leterrier. The motion picture earned a massive $134 million at the boxoffice since it’s launch thirteenth of June. It was screen written by Zak Penn and Edward Harrison, produced by Avi Arad, Gale Anne Hurd and Kevin Feige.

I’m still not overly crazy about the character, but the flick is speedy, well acted, and captures that elusive comic book experience. From its metaphorical anger management to a purely passionless not so incredible hunk, this grand on the muscle mass and light on the drama The Incredible Hulk Blu-ray is not exactly new and improved, but does work its own trademark of differently conceived mega action magic. A satisfying thrill ride. There are a couple witty bits, and the whole runs swiftly.

All The Same, even if there weren’t script and acting deficiencies — and there certainly are — the big issue with both Hulk pictures is that the leading role is an improbable CG innovation. Boring pacing and a dull sound production only add to the CGI disaster inflicted on what could have been a believable superhero made with 21st century engineering.

On the whole The Incredible Hulk is a worthwhile waste of a weekend. Strange a design as it is, The Incredible Hulk in reality calculates as something of a success. The Incredible Hulk supplies the action and hullabaloo to please comic book devotees and re-ignite this failing franchise.