A Personalized Wine Gift Basket Lets Them Know You Care

A personalized wine gift basket is not only a unique gift, but one that keeps on giving long after that special occasion. You may be concerned that making up a custom wine gift basket is a huge task, but you can truly have fun with this project and you will find that it is much easier than you imagine. To begin with, you don’t need to start completely from scratch. A smart gift basket builder will head down to the local craft shop or decorating store and find a basic gift basket that will hold a few bottles of wine and some other items.

Be Creative With Your Wine Gift Basket

This is the time to put on your thinking cap and crank up the creativity juices. Filling the basket with theme related items (e.g. golf balls, tees, golf glove, etc. for a golf-related gift basket) will give your custom wine gift basket a personalized touch.

What Should I Put In My Personalized Wine Gift Basket?

It is really very easy to make a custom wine gift basket. Once you have selected the gift basket itself, the fun will begin. You can start by thinking about the individual that will be receiving the gift basket: what are their hobbies, do they have a special talent, are they in a unique line of work, etc. Then it is time to prepare a list of all the items that you know they will appreciate and related to the chosen theme. Now it’s time to go shopping! Purchase a number of the gift items that are on the ‘likes’ list, and carefully place them into the existing custom wine gift basket, arranging them in an attractive manner. A touch of colorful cloth or colored cellofane can really give your unique wine gift a lot of pizzaz!

Add a Personal Note as a Finishing Touch

Finally to make your custom wine gift basket a touch more personalized, a hand written note, carefully crafted, can add that special touch to any unique wine gift. Don’t skip this step – your note should try to capture anything from memories that you experienced with the person to funny jokes.

So, if you are puzzled over what to give your close friends and family on their special occasion, why not make it a unique gift – send wine. The recipient will greatly appreciate your efforts and will know that this gift was truly from the heart!